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I love seeing pictures from my childhood. Here, my brother and I pose for a picture taken by my mom. I’m so glad we have family photos like this that capture our age and that we can cherish memories like these!


This picture is of my mom when she was battling cancer, it is still a hard picture to look at, but it reminds me of her, and how hard she worked to survive. My mom was so positive, and this might not have captured a “happy” moment, but a time in my life that defines who I am today.


I found this photo at a family member’s house — this is my great-grandmother! It is amazing to me how we look alike and have similar interests, across an entire generation. Someday, maybe our great-grandkids will be thinking the same thing about us!


This photo from my high school graduation includes three generations: myself, my mother, and my grandmother. After my mother and grandmother passed away, this photo became even more cherished; what a blessing to have pictures of all three generations together!


You know, not every photo has to have the “perfect” lighting, styling, and smiles. Sometimes a great picture just happens with your best friend, and then you get to walk back into that memory and smile again at childhood friends and all the crazy memories that accompany them.


Just like this picture of my mom and grandmother! I love that I have some silly photos of them, just being themselves. I really enjoy our posed family photos, but sometimes it's even more fun to look back on the “imperfect” moments that are so joyful and genuine.


This photo of my dad and I.. I just love it! Do you ever feel like life gets overwhelming and complicated, but then sometimes a picture reminds us to slow down and remember the good times? That’s what photos from my childhood do for me, and that’s something I want for your family, too!


Of course, among all the candid shots, I really do love professional photography. This photo from our wedding really captures who I am today: happily married, now with three crazy boys, whom I love and who keep me very busy.




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