My Story

“The days are long, but the years are short.”


Though I have since found this quote is attributed to author Gretchen Rubin, it was first told to me by a kind woman while standing in line at a store with my three screaming boys.  How true is this statement?  Those words have stuck with me ever since, and I just can’t believe how much my boys have changed years later.


I love to look at our family photos, and like many of my clients, I desire to have more printed out. Without photos of all the special moments and the changes in my life and children, I feel like part of those memories are lost.  We rely on photos to bring us back to the moments of our crazy and busy lives.  Photographs capture our family moments so we and future generations can cherish them.


My Photography

I started photographing families in 2013.


Through many hours of research, professional photography classes, and a little bit of trial and error, I have become proficient at family photography. I’ve enjoyed learning to utilize technology and equipment that captures excellent photos for my clients. One aspect of my sessions I love the most — is the unique and fun props we can include! I collect these props and curate them to create fun and funky portraits. In fact, I might call it an addiction.


I like to use props to help capture the natural smiles and goofiness of the kids and to make that unique photo that you and your family will love. We will, of course, do structured poses, but what I really enjoy are the natural, seemingly unplanned shots. I use creative ways to capture the parents and kids so that it doesn’t look posed.


I am looking forward to opening my own studio in the future, a dream that keeps tugging at me and continues to drive me forward.








My life in photos

THIS IS MY LIFE STORY… I WOULD LOVE AND APPRECIATE THE OPPORTUNITY TO HELP CAPTURE YOUR STORY. PHOTOS CAPTURE MEMORIES! I love seeing pictures from my childhood. Here, my brother and I pose for a picture taken by my mom. I’m so glad we have family photos like this that capture our age and that we can cherish memories like these! REMEMBERING...
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My life in photos
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